Member Reviews

“I cannot think of a more positive or encouraging environment to expose my daughter to!  The staff at 620 Dance Center has helped my daughter grow as a dancer and as a person.  Her passion for dance is fueled by their caring attitudes!  The dedication and tenacity that she has developed from dancing at 620 Dance Center overflows into her schoolwork and home life.”  620 Dance Center is right where we need to be! 

April W.

“Just wanted to compliment you again on a fantastic recital!!  I am so impressed with the dancing, and love the fact that you are able to keep the dances & costumes age-appropriate!!”

Carole D.

“I cannot thank you enough for this year of dance. Seeing both of my girls on stage full of confidence was priceless and you gave them this wonderful opportunity. They both enjoyed it so much. As a “once upon a time dancer” I totally understand how they both feel. Their dance classes gave them both an outlet to express and release. You have awakened their desire and love for dance.”

Traci M.

“Our family loves 620 Dance Center. From the first time  we visited five years ago, we feel like we are part of a big happy family. Our daughter feels comfortable and safe at the studio and she loves all her dance teachers. She looks up to her Encore Dance big Sisters especially while in Middle and High School.”

Jojie G.

"We learned about 620 Dance Center from a friend and we has been absolutely thrilled! My daughter started back to dance 3 years ago and has really blossomed as a dancer! We even drive by 2 other dance schools on our way to 620 but have never thought about switching - my daughter loves the teachers and has made new friends, and my husband and I love the traditional dance style!"

Cathy K.