Dancer's Dress Code

 Proper dance attire is extremely important.  A large percentage of dance is based on correct body placement. 
Teachers need to be able to see a student’s body in order to give necessary corrections.

Dancewear Dresscode for Dancers

Please remember that dance shoes should never be worn outside the dance studio. 
You should change from street shoes into dance shoes upon entering class


  • Toddlers Dance Classes - Combination Classes:
    Black or theatrical pink leotard and theatrical pink tights. Dancers may wear a ballet skirt or tutu of their choice.

  • Ballet: Black leotard and theatrical pink tights are required. Hair must be in a bun. Dancers may wear a ballet skirt of their choice.
  • Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Turns & Technique: Solid black leotard and / or black camisole and solid black jazz pants, leggings or dance shorts.
  • Drill Team: Solid black leotard and black jazz pants or leggings.
  • Hip Hop: Dance appropriate t-shirt and pants. No jeans or shorts


Dance Shoes:

  • Tap: Combo Classes-Black patent children's shoe; Tap 1-Adv. Tap-Full sole tap oxford

  • Ballet: Combo Classes-Pink leather ballet shoe; Ballet 1-Adv. Ballet-Pink canvas split sole

  • Jazz, Drill Team, Turns & Technique: Tan leather pull-on jazz boot

  • Hip Hop: Dance sneakers, combat boots or tennis shoes designated for studio use only

  • Contemporary: You will dance without shoes unless specified by the teacher.

Accessories (t-shirts, shorts, sweats) are not acceptable for class attire.  The teacher may ask at any time for these accessories to be removed. 

Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail or a bun for class.  If your child's hair is too short, please pull back with clips or a headband.

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