Our Dance Team

About Us:

The 620 Dance Centre has been serving the South Lake Travis Community for over 30 years.  Founded in 1985, we offer a well-rounded dance program that strives to meet the needs of all students, both recreational and competitive.  Our classes are based on creating a foundation upon which self-discipline, self-esteem and creativity can be built, in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.  Our program offers quality dance technique and style that is age appropriate, for every student.


It is our belief that dance is a gift and our staff is anxious to share that gift with our students.  We provide a family friendly environment where students can grow strong, in their individual love of dance, while forming lifelong friendships and memories. 



Our Talented Staff

  • Dana Nunn, Director
    Children's Work, Tap, Technique, EDC & Debut Choreography 

  • Jackie Coleman
    Administrative Assistant, Ballet, Pointe, Progressive Ballet Technique, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Technique, Adult Series, DPC Choreography
  • Francis Rodriguez
    Contemporary, Modern, Improv, Technique, Adult Series, EDC & DPC Choreography
  • Tanci Soulier
    Contemporary, Jazz, Technique, Hip Hop, Drill Team, DPC Choreography
  • Claire Wood
    Contemporary, Jazz, Technique, Improv, Adult Series

Guest Choreographers

  • Amnih Banaitis
  • Laura Ground
  • Sara Marantz
  • Emily McNabb
  • Tori Nunn
  • Krista Robinson