Competition Dance -- Encore Dance Company

Competition Dance - Encore Dance Company


What is Encore Dance Company?

Encore Dance Company is the 620 Dance Centre’s competition company.  Encore is designed for the serious dancer who has made a commitment to reach the highest dance level possible.  Students are accepted into Encore by audition only and must commit to a minimum of 3 classes per week in addition to rehearsal times.

Encore’s Mission

Encore’s goal is to provide dancers with a well-rounded professional program placing emphasis on developing the dancer’s technique, as well as their stage presence and performance skills.  Dancers compete in several competitions throughout the year and participate in workshops taking master classes with some of the most talented and sought after teachers in the United States.  In doing so, dancers develop a strong technical background and grow to be confident performers. 

Moreover, our program strives to create a supportive company spirit that encourages hard work and dedication, while maintaining a relaxed and fun atmosphere at the same time.  Dancers are encouraged to compete only against themselves; and importance is placed on respecting other company members, as well as fellow dancers and competitors.

For those hoping to pursue a career in dance, this program offers every possible opportunity!

Encore’s Activities

In addition to competitions and conventions, dancers participate in many other activities throughout the year.  These include fundraising activities, professional performances, and community performances such as the Austin Trail of Lights, The Galleria Christmas, Dell Children's Hospital and National Dance Week.

These activities not only give dancers valuable experience, they encourage the group to spend time together and build strong, life-long friendships!


Spring 2018 Competiton Season Awards


The Streetz
March 23-25, 2018 San Marcos Embassy Suites Conference Center

Junior Solo
I Cry-Sophia E-Platinum

Teen Solos
Speech of Foxes-
Ruby H-Platinum
Marathon-Libby L-Platinum

Senior Solo
Emma D-Platinum

Teen Duo/Trio
Take Me To Heaven-Sophia E & Ellie Rue-Platinum-1st in Category, 5th Overall

Teen Small Group
Waiting For The Night-Platinum-1st in Category, 2nd Overall
Say A Little Prayer-Platinum-1st in Category-3rd Overall

That's Life-Platinum-1st in Category-5th Oveall
Over My Head-Platinum-2nd in Category-6th Overall, Best of Streetz Award

Teen Streetz Elite
Libby Lambdin Finalist



2017 Summer Nationals Competition Awards

8 National Talent Nationals-San Antonio
July 12-16, 2017 San Antonio Henry Gonzales Convention Center

Teen Solo
Close To You-
Ruby H-Titanium-3rd in Category, 5th Overall

Senior Solo
Transfigure, Transform, Begin
-Tori N-Titanium-1st Category, 1st Overall, Judges Musicality Award, Senior National Solo Champion Live It Division

Senior Duo/Trio
In Your Head-Emma D & Tori N-Titanium-!st in Category, 1st Overall, Judges Technique Award, Senior National Duo/Trio Champion LIve It Division

Teen Small Group
Cha Cha Boom-Platinum-3rd in Category, 8th Overall

Rat Race-Double Platinum-1st in Category, 2nd Overall, Judges Choreography Award, Teen National Small Group Champion-Dance It Division

Chosen-Double Platinum-1st in Category, 1st Overall, Judges Choreography Award, Teen National Small Group Champion-Live It Division

Slap That Base-Double Platinum-1st in Category, 2nd Overall-Judges Technique Award


Spring 2017 Competition Season Awards


Hall of Fame Dance Challenge
April 21-23, 2017, Hays CISD PAC

Junior Solo-National League
Once Upon A Dream-Madeline-High Gold
Wild-Isabella-High Gold-Judges' Choice Award for Attack
Teen Solo-National League
Clap Your Hands-Kayla-High Gold, Judges Choice Award for Entertainment 
Sound Of Silence-Michiah-High Gold
Teen Solo-American League
You Don't Own Me-Lizzie-Platinum 
Close To You-Ruby-Platinum-10th Overall
Senior Solo-American League
Transfigure, Transform, Begin-Tori-Platinum-Judges Choice Award for Focus-9th Overall
Teen Duo/Trio-American League
Chasing Cars-Platinum-Judges Choice Award for Perfect Pictures-4th Overall
Senior Duo/Trio-American League
In Your Head-Tori & Emma-Platinum-Judges' Choice Award for Perfect Pictures-3rd Overall
Junior Small Groups-National League
Shake It Out-1st place High Gold-8th Overall
Hold My Hand-High Gold-Judges Choice Award for Costume
Teen Small Groups-National League
Cha Cha Booom-1st Platinum-4th Overall
Rat Race-1st Platinum-3rd Overall
Teen Small Groups-American League
Sound & Color-Platinum-8th Overall
Chosen-1st Platinum-9th Overall
Bennie & the Jets-1st Platinum
Teen Large Groups-National League
Slap That Base-1st Platinum-Judges' Choice Award for Precision-2nd Overall 
Junior Hall of Fame All Stars: Madeline & Isabella
Teen Hall of Fame All Stars-Libby & Ruby
Senior Hall of Fame All Star-Tori N
MVP Group Award Winner
Sound & Color-video to be placed on Hall of Fame website






8 National Talent
April 1-3, 2017, Pflugerville HS PAC
Weekend Results:
Dance It Division-Intermediate
Live It Division-Advanced
Dance It-Small Group-Junior Division
Shake It Out-Platinum
Hold My Hand-Platinum
Dance It-Small Group-Teen Division
Cha Cha Boom-Platinum
Rat Race-Titanium-2nd Overall Teen Division
Live It-Small Group-Teen Division
Bennie & the Jets-Double Platinum
Sound & Color-Titanium-Judge's Choice Award
Chosen-Titanium-5th Overall Teen Division
Live It-Large Group-Teen Division
Slap That Base-Titianium-1st Overall Teen Division-Costume Award
Dance It-Solo-Junior Division
Once Upon A Dream-Madeline-Platinum 12th Overall
Dance It-Solo-Teen Division
Sound of Silence-Michiah-Platinum
Clap Your Hands-Kayla-Platinum
Live It-Solo-Teen Division
You Don't Own Me-Lizzie-Double Platinum
Close To You-Ruby-Titanium
Pickpocket-Libby-Double Platinum
Live It-Solo-Senior Division
Transfigure, Transform, Begin-Tori-Double Platinum
Live It-Trio-Teen Division
Chasing Cars-Titanium-1st Overall Teen
Live It-Duo-Senior Division
In Your Head-Double Platinum-4th Overall






Showstopper Competition
March 3-5, 2017, Waco Convention Center


Advanced Division
10yr old Small Group
Shake It Out-Contemporary-Platinum 1st Place, 1st in category, 5th Overall
Hold My Hand-Jazz-Platinum 1st Place, 2nd in category, 7th Overall
13yr old Small Group
Cha Cha Boom-Jazz-Platinum 1st Place, 2nd in category, 9th Overall
10yr old Solo
Wild-Isabella-Open-Gold 1st Place-1st in category, 12th Overall
11yr old Solo
Once Upon A Dream-Madeline-Lyrical Jazz-Platinum 1st Place, 3rd in category, 9th Overall
14yr old Solo
Clap Your Hands-Kayla-Musical Theater-Platinum 1st Place, 2nd in category, 14th Overall
15yr old Solo
Sound of Silence-Michiah-Contemporary-Platinum 1st Place, 3rd in category, 8th Overall
Competitive Division
13yr old Small Group
Rat Race-Contemporary-Double Platinum 1st Place, 2nd in category, 2nd Overall
15yr old Small Group
Chosen-Contemporary-Double Platinum 1st Place, 1st in category, 4th Overall
14yr old Small Group
Bennie & The Jets-Jazz-Platinum 1st Place, 1st in category, 12th Overall
Sound & Color-Open-Double Platinum 1st Place, 2nd in category, 6th Overall
12yr old Large Group
Slap That Base-Musical Theater-Double Platinum 1st Place, 1st in category, 4th Overall
13yr old Duo/Trio
Chasing Cars-Elizabeth, Libby, Ruby-Contemporary-Double Platinum 1st Place, 1st in category, 2nd Overall
16yr old Duo/Trio
In Your Head-Tori & Emma-Contemporary-Double Platinum 1st Place, 1st in category, 3rd Overall
13yr old Solo
You Don't Own Me-Elizabeth-Contemporary-Platinum 1st Place, 4th in category, 12th Overall
Close To You-Ruby-Contemporary-Double Platinum 1st Place, 3rd in category, 6th Overall
14yr old Solo
Pickpocket-Libby-Open-Double Platinum 1st Place, 2nd in category, 5th Overall
18-19yr old Solo
Transfigure, Transform, Begin-Tori-Contemporary-Double Platinum 1st Place, 1st in category, 4th Overall